7 Oct 2014

How To Make Adhirasam At Home - Diwali \ Deepavali Special Recipe

Recipe :

How To Make Athirasam At Home - Diwali \ Deepavali Special Recipe

Prep Time: 2 Hours + extra
Cook time: 30 minutes
Recipe Cuisine: South Indian
Recipe Category: Athirasam, Sweet
Yield: 15 nos

Steps To Make The Homemade Athirasam Rice Flour :

Wash and soak a cup of pachai arisi | raw rice for about two hour with enough water. Drain the water and spread the raw rice over a cloth and leave it to absorb excess moisture for approximately 30mins. Then grind the rice with two cardamom into fine powder. Sieve the rice flour and its ready to use.

Ingredients :

Prepared Pachai Arisi Maavu | Raw Rice Flour - 500 gm
Paagu Vellam | Jaggery - 400 gm
Oil for deep fry.

Method :
Athirasam Recipe

Steps To Make The Jaggery Syrup :

Boil a cup of water, add in the jaggery and cook till it dissolved. Then filter the jaggery syrup into the heavy bottom kadhai, cook over medium flame till foaming and little thick. To check the syrup consistency, just drop a teaspoon of jaggery syrup into a bowl of water. If the jaggery syrup is dissolved completely in the water means, its not ready. If it doesn't dissolved and able to see the jaggery means, its reached the right consistency.
Athirasam Recipe
Turn the flame into simmer, add the prepared raw rice flour little by little and mix well till all combined. Cook over simmer only, it bubbles and cook till ribbon stage. Dough should not be tight. Because once cooled, the dough turns little thick. The mix the ghee (optional) and cool the athirasam dough in the kadhai.
Athirasam Recipe
Transfer the cooled athirasam dough into a bowl and leave the dough for overnight or 24 hours.

Steps To Make The Athirasam :

To make the athirasam, take a small part out of the dough and flat into thin circle on a greased plastic sheet. Then deep fry in hot oil over medium-simmer on both sides till brown colour and ready to serve.
Serving Suggestion : Serve with Crispy Butter Murukku.
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