20 Sept 2015

Pirandai Thuvaiyal Recipe | How to Clean And Use Pirandai -Kalais

Pirandai Thuvaiyal Recipe
Recipe :

Pirandai Thuvaiyal Recipe | How to Clean And Use Pirandai -Kalais

Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook time: 10 minutes
Recipe Cuisine: south Indian
Recipe Category: Thuvaiyal
Yield: 1 cup

About The Recipe: 

Pirandai Thuvaiyal - Pirandai is commonly helps to cure indigestion and also good for bones. In aurvedic it has numerous health benefits. Pirandai can easily grow in home. Most of them hesitate to use pirandai because it will cause itchiness while handling. To prevent this itchy, apply some coconut oil or sesame oil on the hands. Using knife remove the fiber and sharp edges and then use. In south India, pirandai is commonly used to make thuvaiyal, chutney, idli, dosai, adai, pirandai tamarind curry, pickle and vathal. Lets see how to make the pirandai thuvaiyal at home with easy step by step images and instructions. Follow the recipe as below...

Ingredients :

Pirandai Thuvaiyal Recipe
Pirandai - 1 cup (use young \ tender)
Ulundu \ Urad Dal - 2 tbsp
Dry Red Chili - 3 to 4 no
Asafoetida - 1/4 tsp
Tamarind - 1" ball size
Garlic Cloves - 5 to 6 no
Grated Coconut - 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup
Oil - 2 tbsp
Salt to Taste.

Method :
Pirandai Thuvaiyal Recipe

How to Clean and Use Pirandai :

  • Pirandai is generally causes itching on skin while handling. To prevent this itching, apply some coconut oil or sesame oil on your hands.
  • Using knife, remove the sharp edges \ fiber from the sides of pirandai (like removing fibers from the drumstick and beans). (Image 1)
  • Then cut into small pieces and ready to use. (Image 2)
Pirandai Thuvaiyal Recipe

Steps To Make The Pirandai Thuvaiyal :

  • Heat oil in a hot kadhai | pan, add in the pirandai pieces, cook over medium flame until its colour changes into light. Transfer into the plate. (Image 3 and 4)
  • Then roast the urad dal and dry red chili, then stir in the asafoetida and keep this urad dal mixture separately. (Image 5)
  • Stir the tamarind for few seconds, transfer into same plate. (Image 6)
  • Stir the garlic until slightly golden colour, then add in the coconut and saute for an minute and transfer into same plate. (Image 7 and 8)
  • Cool all the sauteed ingredients completely.
Pirandai Thuvaiyal Recipe
  • First grind the urad dal mixture coarsely. (Image 9 and 10)
  • Add in the remaining all ingredients and grind little coarsely with required water. (Image 11 and 12)
  • And the pirandai thuvaiyal is ready.
Pirandai Thuvaiyal Recipe
Serving Suggestion: Serve with the Idly or Dosai.
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