7 Nov 2016

Homemade Chocolate Puffs With Puff Pastry | Childrens Day Special


Homemade Chocolate Puff With Puff Pastry | Children's Day Special

Prep Time: 3 hours + 10 minutes
Cook time: 15 minutes
Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Recipe Category: Chocolate Puff,
Yield: 6 puffs

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About The Recipe:

Children's Day Special Recipe | Homemade Chocolate Puffs With Puff Pastry - homemade puff pastry sheet is really easy to make. Most of the people uses book folding method and more butter blocks, but that takes more time to make puff pastry and more layers. But my puff pastry folding process is very easy to make with more layers and beginners also very easily make. I tried this puff recipe twice, it came out perfectly with perfect crunchy layers. I used butter for rich taste and flavor. Now lets see how to make this homemade chocolate puffs with delicious chocolate, desiccated coconut and tutti fruity. Follow the recipe as below...

Ingredients :

For Puff Pastry:

Maida -
Unsalted Butter - 1 tbsp + 80 gm (slightly chilled and able to spread on dough)
Salt - required
Ice Water - required

For Filling:

Grated Chocolate - 6 tbsp
Desiccated Coconut - 6 tsp
Tutti Fruity - required


Butter - required, to grease
Beaten Egg - 1 no (to egg wash on top)
Method :

Steps To Make The Chocolate Puff Pastry:

To make the dough, combine the madai, tablespoon of butter and required salt in a mixing bowl and mix well altogether without lumps. Then add the required ice water and knead into dough. Cover with cloth and refrigerate the dough for an hour. On a floured surface, roll out the chilled dough into a rectangle shape.
Apply or brush 60gm of butter on 3\4part of rolled dough and fold into quarters, as shown in the above image 7 and 8. Then cover with cloth and again refrigerate for an hour. Brush the remaining butter on the dough and again fold into quarters, as shown in the image 10 and 11. Then cover with cloth and refrigerate for an hour. And the puff pastry dough is ready.
To make the chocolate puffs, on the floured surface, roll out the prepared puff pastry dough into a rectangle shape. Slightly cut the four sides. Then cut the pastry into 6 parts. Place a tablespoon of grated chocolate, one teaspoon of desiccated coconut and some tutti fruity on one side. Fold the pastry and press the side little as shown in the image 17 and don't press the edge. Do the same for the remaining puff pastry.
To bake, preheat the oven at 220 degree Celsius at convectional mode. Grease the baking tray with some butter, arrange the chocolate puffs and egg wash the top.
Then bake for 12 to 15mins or until the top turns golden brown colour. Now the homemade chocolate puffs are ready.
My Notes: Use ice water to make dough, also folding process is also very important to make layers, so follow the steps.
Serving Suggestion: Serve the chocolate puffs with melted chocolate and whipped cream.
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Variation: Similarly you can also make chocolate puff rolls.
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SpoonAndPaper said...

Hi Kalai,
So happy to found your blog and YouTube channel. All your recipes are very simple and perfect. I tried your puff pastry recipe and turned out just awesome. I've posted the recipe on my blog.

Thanks a lot dear.


Hi Spoonandpaper blogger, Thank U very much for you response and support.

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