28 Jul 2020

Pomegranate JAM | Mathulam JAM | Homemade 3 ingredients JAM


About The Recipe:

Pomegranate JAM | Mathulam JAM | Homemade 3 ingredients JAM

Very simple easy and delicious homemade pomegranate jam made with the sugar and lemon juice. Along with step by step images, instruction and YouTube video

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14 Jul 2020

Nei Appam | Rice Appam | Kuzhi Paniyaram | Arisi Appam Recipe


About The Recipe:

Nei Appam | Rice Appam | Kuzhi Paniyaram | Arisi Appam Recipe | South Indian Traditional Cuisine | Delicious Snack

Nei appam is one of the most naivedyam for karthigai deepam, navarathiri, krishna jayanthi and many more festivals. Its made with the main ingredient of raw rice, along with jaggery and coconut. Instead of jaggery we can also use palm sugar or brown sugar.

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It also perfect to have delicious evening snack especially while raining. Follow the recipe with YouTube video, step by step instructions and images...

9 Jul 2020

How To Make Coconut Oil At Home | Homemade Coconut Oil From Coconut Milk


About The Recipe:

NO Unnecessary Chemicals, NO Additives & NO Preservatives

100 % Pure Coconut Oil From Fresh Coconut Milk - For Skin Hair And Cooking

Usually coconut oil is extracted from the mature coconut. But we can also make from the fresh coconut milk. It has strong fragrance and taste. It is very simple and don't need any special machine to make, but little bit time consuming.

Uses - Good moisturizer, can help in controlling dandruff and preventing acne.Also a great remedy for mouth ulcers.

Now lets see how to make coconut oil at home with easy step by step instructions, images and YouTube video.

2 Jul 2020

Fried Wheat Biscuits | Moru Moru Gothumai Biscuits | Cruchy and Tasty Atta Diamond Biscuits


About The Recipe:

Wheat Biscuit | கோதுமை பிஸ்கட் | Moru Moru Gothumai Biscuits | Crunchy And Tasty Fried Atta Biscuits Quick and easy fried biscuits

perfect for any time - snack - made with easy available ingredients. Its crunchy, tasty and very easy to make at home.

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