31 Oct 2020

Egg Bajji | Muttai Bajji | Evening Snack


About The Recipe:

Egg Bajji | Muttai Bajji | Evening Snack

A typical south Indian snack also very common and popular tea time snack. Made with the main ingredients of besan flour, rice flour and asafoetida and deep fried in the oil.

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29 Oct 2020

Apple Plum Jam | 3 Ingredients Microwave JAM Recipe With Brown Sugar


About The Recipe:

3 Ingredient Microwave Jam | Apple Plum Jam With Brown Sugar | Super Easy Fruits Jam | Homemade Jam Recipe

Apples and plums are high in pectin. When cooked, pectin solidifies to a gel, it causing fruit preserves to set.

Homemade fruit jam without preservatives. With easy step by step instructions, images and YouTube video

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